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At Feather Wheelchair Rental, our mission is to enhance accessibility and affordability for individuals seeking mobility solutions. We understand that a wheelchair or mobility scooter is not just a mode of transportation; it's a means to independence and a gateway to the world. To make this important tool accessible to everyone, we're proud to offer a rent-to-own option, a flexible and empowering solution that combines affordability and freedom.


Why Rent-to-Own with Feather Wheelchair Rental?

Accessibility and affordability are the cornerstones of our commitment to serving our community. Feather Wheelchair Rental aims to break down barriers that prevent individuals from enjoying a life of mobility and independence. For many, purchasing a wheelchair or mobility scooter outright can be financially burdensome, leading to compromises on the quality of life.

Our rent-to-own option addresses this concern by providing an affordable pathway to ownership. We believe that no one should have to sacrifice their financial well-being to achieve the mobility they deserve. By offering flexible payment plans and easy transitions from renting to owning, we empower our customers to embrace independence without straining their finances.


How Does the Rent-to-Own Option Work?

Our rent-to-own program at Feather Wheelchair Rental is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. We offer various monthly payment plans tailored to accommodate different budgets and preferences. Whether you need a short-term solution or a longer commitment, we have a plan that suits your needs.

Affordable Monthly Payments: You can choose a monthly payment plan that aligns with your budget. Our options range from budget-friendly to more extended plans, allowing you to find what fits you best.

No-Hassle Returns: We understand that circumstances can change. If you decide to return the wheelchair or mobility scooter, we ensure a hassle-free return process with no penalties, making it easy for you to adapt to changing needs.


Benefits of Rent-to-Own with Feather Wheelchair Rental

  1. Cost Savings and Flexibility

Choosing the rent-to-own option can lead to significant cost savings compared to an outright purchase. By spreading the cost over manageable monthly payments, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality wheelchair or mobility scooter without a large initial investment.

The flexibility in payment plans allows you to tailor the financial commitment to your unique circumstances. Whether you need a short-term solution or prefer a more extended payment period, our options provide the freedom to choose what suits you best.


  1. Try Before Committing

Renting before owning offers a valuable opportunity to test the wheelchair or mobility scooter thoroughly. It's like taking a test drive before purchasing a car. You can evaluate its features, comfort, and suitability for your lifestyle, ensuring that it's the right fit for your needs before making a long-term commitment.


Transitioning from Renting to Owning

At Feather Wheelchair Rental, we aim to make the transition from renting to owning a seamless and gratifying experience.

Consultation and Evaluation: Our dedicated team will work with you to assess your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. We'll guide you in choosing the right product and payment plan that aligns with your requirements. You can get in touch with us by email or phone at or 1-855-485-1645.

Flexible Transition: When you're ready to make the transition to ownership, we'll smoothly adjust your rental agreement to a purchase plan. The transition is designed to be easy and flexible, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Enjoy Ownership: Once you've completed your payment plan, the wheelchair or mobility scooter becomes yours to keep. You can relish the freedom and independence that comes with owning your mobility solution.


Feather Wheelchair Rental's rent-to-own option is all about providing accessibility and affordability to our valued customers. It's about empowering individuals to enjoy life to the fullest by removing financial barriers and ensuring that mobility is within reach for everyone. We're here to support your journey towards mobility, making it as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Discover the joy of independence with our rent-to-own program at Feather Wheelchair Rental.