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At Feather Wheelchair Rental, we often help to answer questions about our rent to own program like:

  • How does the rent to own program work?
  • Is renting to own a wheelchair a good idea?
  • Would the rent to own program be a fit for me?


This article will outline how a rent to own program works for a wheelchair or scooter rental and what you can expect as someone who will potentially participate in this.


Why Rent to Own?

Why should I rent to own a wheelchair? This is one of the most common questions we answer. There are a few reasons why renting to own a wheelchair or scooter is a great idea. Renting to own makes sense for the following reasons:


  • You want to try before you buy: Renting to own is an excellent way to try a wheelchair before you pay the full amount. Typically, with rent to own programs, if the wheelchair doesn’t work for you, you can return it with no questions asked.
  • You have a fixed monthly income: Medical device equipment is expensive! Renting to own your wheelchair or scooter allows you to spread out your payments over several months. This often gives you the chance to access higher quality equipment, while not breaking the bank.


How does Rent to Own Work?

Upon placing your rental order, you will decide how long you want to spread your payments out for. Many places will allow for bi-weekly or monthly payments to be made. There may also be an option to customize your monthly rental price depending on where you rent from.


Rent to Own Fees

When you are renting to own, you will need to check with the business if there are any hidden taxes or fees. Rent to own is a close cousin to “buy now pay later”, where there is often interest associated with the purchase.

At Feather Wheelchair Rental, our rent to own program has no hidden fees, no tax and all of your monthly payments are interest free. Our rent-to-own pricing is as follows:

  • Bi-Weekly: $249
  • Monthly: from $375 - $499


What if I change my Mind?

No problem! If you change your mind part way through your rent to own program, your wheelchair or scooter can be returned with no questions asked.

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